All these process is shown step by step in the below video on youtube.Comment if you have any queries.:

             VSPE (Virtual Serial Port Emulator) is a software which provides us the utility to access multiple com ports on the same PC. We can create new serial ports virtually and can connect them as we want. For example I can create 2 serial COM ports and if I pair them then they will be connected with each other. So that I can run two applications

communicating with each other using different com ports.

The best application of this software is for the simulation of electronic circuits, which are interfacing with the any serial devices like GSM modem, RFID, Bluetooth, PC etc.  We can create any circuit in Proteus ISIS simulation software. Then we can
run it and also give inputs such as switches, signal generators etc. but to communicate with serial devices we can not use it directly. We need to create the hardware and then need to interface it with our PC physically. Then access it via Hyperterminal, RealTerm, Terminal or any software which can communicate with COM port. But this is not a reliable solution. So here the VSPE comes in picture. So the idea would be to:

Create circuit in the proteus. Then open any terminal app such as Hyeper terminal or realterm. Here I am taking example as Real Term. Choose choose two different comports in Proteus and Real Term. So that for our proteus circuit we can monitor and control serial data from our PC itself virtually.

Here I am showing an example of simplest tutorial on VSPE: “Connecting 2 com ports and testing them.”

The steps are as below:

  1. Download any serial port software such as Terminal, RealTerm, HyperTerminal.
    1. RealTerm:
    2. Terminal:
  2. Download VSPE software as per your PC configuration 64 bit or 32 bit:
  1. Install them. Open VSPE. Click the “Create New device..” buttonVSPE1
  2. Select pair option from the drop down list. Click next.VSPE2
  3. Select available com ports as per your PC. Here I am taking example as COM1 and COM2. You can choose any. But remember later on you need to select same ports while using them in your applications. Click finish.vspe3
  4. Then you should come back to home screen of VSPE. You should see notification that COM1 and COM2 Running. If not so you press the green coloured Play button and you will get notification below:
  5. vspe4
  6.  Then start using real term for accessing the PC serial port.
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