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GUI based advance product counting machine

This system is ideal for companies which have many manufacturing units.. The system mainly works to help the manufacturing unit to get data of current product quantity and to process this data. In this whole article I am taking example of a company which manufactures pipes. So here product1, product2, product3 … in this article can be circular pipe, triangular pipes, square pipes etc… Many types of pipes.

Conventionally, the company’s manufacturing plants use the product counters to count their product quantity manufactured. Normally these types of systems are equipped with 7-segment displays. Hence whenever Continue reading

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Implementing hardware level security to your softwares

Generally we set log in screens in our applications through which we can enter the details and get access. But some times we fear that if the password and id are lost or stolen then unauthorized user will access the system. Hence here i am suggesting a new idea to improve security. I am adding the hardware level security. I am using Continue reading

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Controlling your Electrical appliances via PC/Laptop (PIC microcontroller)

I recently posted an idea to control your home appliances using 8051 microcntroller here. For simulation of this post see the links below. The same can be implemented. But the respective changes will take place as follows:

The IDE used is now MPLAB X IDE.

Compiler is XC8.

Microcontroller is PIC16F887      Continue reading

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